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At Magcf300, we understand the soul of Indian consumers, being one of India’s online retail pioneers with multiple retail formats. We supply products across six states. We unite a diverse and zealous community of Indian buyers, sellers and businesses.

Vision, Mission

The combined impact on business is intense. Several customers walk into our stores everyday and choose products and services supplied by small, medium and large entrepreneurs and manufacturers across India. This number is eventually set to grow. Our supplies come from enterprises across the country, creating fresh employment, impacting livelihoods, empowering local communities and fostering mutual growth.We completely value the ‘Indian Dream’ and have aligned our business practices to our larger objective of being a premier catalyst in India’s consumption-led growth story. Modern retail is intended to drive fresh demand and consumption in new categories. Our strategy is based on a similar understanding of the Indian consumers, the products they want, and making these products available in our store. magcf300.in provides innovative offerings at affordable prices that are tailored to the needs of every Indian household.magcf300.in caters to every need of your family and is not just another hypermarket in your neighbourhood. Our USP remains the value for money propositions for the Indian customers. At DivineSpars, we guarantee the best products at the best prices amidst the ever-increasing array of private labels. We are opening doors in the world of fashion and general merchandise, including home furnishings, utensils, crockery, cutlery, sports goods and much more at prices that will surprise you.

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